Monday, July 26, 2004

Summertime Worm Fun!

My Worm bin looks great! The Worms are evenly distributed in the bedding, which is now beginning to resemble something slightly close to dirt. It's still a long way away from rich chunky soil, but the coffee grounds really do help the appearance. I think there is some real reason they are supposed to be in there, but I like the way it mixes with the stuff and looks dirty. I have been feeding them lightly but regularly. They eat it up and seem so happy! I have been developing this rotation schedule. After chopping veggies, I put the scraps in the freezer. Then I take out a pre-frozen batch and defrost it for a day or so. I let it thaw and get nice and juicy for them, and then feed them when they are ready. This seems to be working well. Today I added cabbages and sweet potato peelings to the freezer, and defrosted an enormous but sadly wasted bunch of basil. Luckily, it won't REALLY go to waste because the Worms can eat it. Hurray!


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