Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Invasion From Jupiter

I just opened up the lid of the box to check on the Worms. I put a rubber glove on and was kind of poking around in there, to see if anything was better. I did see lots of still alive worms, which was good. I was careful to avoid the area that had the maggots last night. But THEN, this huge weird winged insect flew out of there and almost hit me in the head. I think that is what the maggots turn into. I now remember seeing such a strange bug in there last week. It was just sitting on top hanging out, and we chased him away. I also recall some large insects in the window that we thought were wasps, which we got rid of with the Wet/Dry vac. I love that vaccuum, it's awesome. It's so powerful, I am constantly accidently sucking up socks and keys and loose change with it. It works great on bugs too. That is not very vegetarian of me, really. I normally try to catch the bugs and throw them out the window (okay I lied. I scream and run all around and then Matt catches them and sets them free). But since my whole loft has become infested with Fruit Flies, Regular Flies, possibly Wasps, and the Strange Flies, AND all their babies, I have become less compassionate. The Fruit Flies are attacking my Mushroom Log also, which really was the last straw. Nobody messes with my mushroom log - NOB0DY!

Here is a picture of it.


At July 13, 2004 at 9:01 PM, Blogger John said...

Mmmmm...mushroom log. Looks delicious. Almost as tasty as fish balls.


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