Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The Gods Must Be Weird

Um, yeah. In a fit of madness, or for the sake of scientific knowledge, I decided to make an incubator for them and see what hatched. I added a wet paper towel for bedding and put the jug in the window. The eggs are hard to see in this picture but there are 3 in there, I promise.

After a day or so, they hatched. Those little "seeds" were, in fact, fly pupae. Pupae are the form maggots manifest before turning into flies. It would all be quite fascinating, if it wasn't so ewwww. I guess I was hoping they would be Worms. Having no interest in keeping flies as pets, I decided to grant their freedom. That night, I opened the window and shook the jug so the flies would come out. But, I accidently dropped it. It fell on the the patio of the girl who lives downstairs. I imagine that she was pretty surprised to find a fly incubator, complete with airholes, sitting there in the middle of her fenced-in little courtyard. I was going to go down there to apologize for littering up her patio, but then I realized it all sounded a bit odd. How would I explain it? (If the Girl Downstairs is reading, I'm sorry I dropped my plastic jug on your patio and then left it there for you to clean up.)

Over the next few days, the remaining fly babies all hatched. It sucked. A typical mommy fly has around 100 babies at a time. I had to take certain measures I am not proud of to fix this. But, everything is back to normal now,pretty much. The Worms are doing fine. I also screened in my bin, so this will never happen again.

It's been a tough week.


At July 23, 2004 at 8:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's Hysterical!! I love it! Has she mentioned anything yet? You should make it a monthly tradition to toss down wierd things to her...kind of a gift from the sky :-)



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