Thursday, June 24, 2004

Worms Fabulous Worms

I have to admit, I am getting quite attached to the Worms. I feel like we are really connecting. They are doing great today. There is quite a substantial amount of compost down there now; I am so proud of them! I did see some additional material that was un-compostable that I had to fish out. A little while back, I shredded the paper that my morning bagel (Everything toasted with plain cream cheese, onion and tomato, yum) came wrapped in. Well, I think that perhaps there was some plastic coating on that food paper the worms can't eat. So keep that in mind. I was trying to put as much household trash in there as possible, but I think I just can't do that at this point.
I still haven't gotten up the nerve to touch them. They are so slimy and squiggley. I think they would prefer not being handled. It may mess up their...digestive cardionervous system, you know? They are quite delicate and can become easily injured by clumsy human hands.


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