Sunday, June 13, 2004


Yikes! The Worms are trying to escape!!

I expected a fairly uneventful day today, really. Before I even have my coffee, I stopped by to check on the Worms and found about a dozen trying to make a break for it. I was saddened to find my guests unhappy with their quarters. I tried so hard to make everything comfortable for them.

I did get a good closeup shot though, and you can see in their faces that they are not so sad. What is it then?

I did some research, and found several reasons Worms may try to break out. Often, the bedding is too moist or too dry. I tested the moisture by feeling around in there, the paper seemed sufficiently, but not overly, damp. If there isn't enough food, they may be hungry. But there is plenty of food in there. Poor ventilation could be a cause, but I think I have enough air holes in there. Sometimes, before a storm or other change in barometric pressure, they worms crawl up. Wow! Maybe they know to go up for air before a storm so they don't drown? I have no idea. But I decided the most likely reason is the most obvious: the Worms are confused in their new environment. They are just getting used to their new surroundings. I helped them get back down to the rest of the Worms, and hoped for the best.


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