Thursday, June 10, 2004

Preparing for the New Arrivals!

I may have located some free bins to use for homes for my new friends (the Worms). My friend Scot has a couple he is trying to get rid of. That would be ideal, because it's even MORE sustainable to reuse things. That way, no extra plastic ends up in the landfill, and I don't have to add to the muck! Hopefully, they will be the right size. I will go investigate later tonight. If not, I am sure I can find a use for them. You can never have too many bins (unless you are Scot, who has 2 too many!)
Also arriving tonight is my delivery from Urban Organic. Urban Organic is this nice organic fruit and vegetable delivery service we use for buying our produce. Therefore, Thursday is the best day of the week to me because I LOVE vegetables. It's quite exciting to get a box of delicious Earth Gems (as I like to call them) delivered to your doorstep - ESPECIALLY if your passion in life is veggies, like mine is! These vegetables will be providing the yummy scraps for my upcoming guests (the Worms). Hopefully I will leave them some good stuff. I have been known to devour some fresh delicious spring vegetables...


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