Tuesday, June 29, 2004

A Day In The Life Of A Worm

Wow, I have been slacking off. Here in Worm World, time passes quickly. The other day, I added some shredded corn husks because I had some fresh delicious organic corn. They say you can use that as bedding, so I added it in. The worms seem to like it. It's getting pretty intense in there. I feel like the Worms have gotten comfortable in there. It's one whole huge wormy mass. Pretty cool.
Today on Craigslist I saw someone was giving away their Worm bin for free. If no one else wants it, I will take it. I hate to think of all those Worms without a home. Besides, my Worms aren't really pulling their weight quite yet. I was thinking already about the future, when I have many more Worms than I have now. I think I will make a cubby system where I can have the Worms stacked on shelves. I think maybe 3 or 4 bins would be the max though, after that I would have to start giving them away.
This brings me to another interesting subject: Worm Love. When two Worms fall in love, they decide to have a little Worm baby. This is neat because Worms are hermaphrodites. So any two Worms are able to fall in love, and nobody cares what catagory they fall into or what label they have. It's really quite nice. The Worms "do it" by rolling around together, and then stuff happens. A little while later, a baby is born. This can happen every two weeks or so. I am not good at math, but it seems like before long I will be overrun. That's good because I am still throwing away scraps. I would rather compost them.


At July 11, 2004 at 9:52 AM, Blogger chantal said...

I think we should all be hermaphrodites...

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