Saturday, June 12, 2004

The Big Day

Welcome home, Worms!

Just as expected, I awoke bright and early. I dragged Matt out of bed (I had to bribe him with pancakes - works every time!) and we headed to pick up our 1000 new Worm roommates. It was a glorious day and there were many delicious and beautiful vegetables at the farmers market that caught my eye, but I was a Worm Girl with a mission. Unfortunately, the LES Worm People were the very last booth at the market, and I was unable to resist a couple happy bunches of radishes. I fell victim to their pretty pink charm. Radishes and worms in hand (okay, I had to buy some tomatoes and cilantro too. What can I say?), we returned home to introduce our Worms to their new residence. They traveled in an empty OJ carton, and I couldn't see too many when they were in there. But we dumped them out, and sure enough there was a huge, tangled, writhing mass of Red Wigglers in there. They seemed happy enough, so we layered some more bedding on top, buried some tasty bits of food inside for them to snack on, and covered them back up.


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